DOE’s Wind Energy Technologies Office 2019 Project Peer Review

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The U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office (WETO) will hold its Project Peer Review to evaluate projects funded by DOE based on their contribution to the mission and goals of the office, to track progress made against stated objectives, and assess the office’s overall management and performance.

In addition to the formal review, this event will be an opportunity for the wind energy community to share ideas and solutions to address challenges and opportunities facing the wind industry today.

The objective of the peer review is to:
**Review and evaluate the strategies and goals of DOE’s Wind Energy Technologies Office programs
**Review and evaluate the progress and accomplishments of wind energy research and development projects funded by the DOE in Fiscal Years 2017–2018
**Foster interactions among industry, DOE’s national laboratories, academic institutions, and non-governmental organizations conducting research and development on behalf of the office.

The 2019 Project Peer Review will include two parallel tracks across 12 WETO technology areas, including:
**Advanced Components, Reliability, and Manufacturing
**Atmosphere to Electrons
**Distributed Wind R&D
**Grid Integration
**Environmental Research
**Modeling and Analysis
**Offshore-Specific R&D
**Programmatic Support
**Regulatory and Siting
**Stakeholder Engagement and Workforce Development
**Standards Support and International Engagement
**Testing Infrastructure.

Principal investigators, expert reviewers, Wind Energy Technologies Office staff, and contract support staff will be in attendance during the review meeting. The event is open to the public but space is limited.

Online registration is now closed so if you would like to attend, you may wish to try calling the U.S. Department of Energy’s Wind Energy Technologies Office at: 202-586-5348


Hilton Alexandria Old Town
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Alexandria VA

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