Disaster Tech for Resilient People

According to the 2018 National Climate Assessment, the United States has seen an increase in natural disasters and the trendlines are going up. The populations most vulnerable to natural disasters — children, the elderly, racial and ethnic minorities, the disabled, those with low incomes or ill health — will be hit the hardest.

Please join New America at a workshop focused on technologies for improving disaster risk reduction and resilience for vulnerable and underserved populations. This meeting will bring together innovators, emergency managers, policymakers, and storytellers to discuss new understandings, possibilities, partnerships, and technologies within the context of evolving natural hazards, risks, and vulnerabilities.

This event is by invitation only. If you have not received an invitation and would like to attend, please email New America Events at events@newamerica.org.


New America Foundation
740 15th Street NW, Suite 900
Washington DC 20005

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