Developing a Regulatory Framework to Facilitate Nuclear Energy Innovation

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The Global America Business Institute (GABI) is pleased to invite you to a Capitol Hill briefing on regulatory issues with respect to nuclear energy innovation and the development of advanced, next-generation commercial reactor technologies.

In recent years, numerous companies and entities seeking to develop and commercialize advanced nuclear power technologies have emerged in the United States. These technologies, which differ significantly from the conventional light water reactors (LWRs) currently deployed at power plants throughout the country, have the potential to dramatically improve upon the safety, sustainability, and commercial competitiveness of nuclear energy. Many of these reactor designs and concepts possess “walk away” safety characteristics, the potential for industrial and non-electricity applications, drastically improved resource utilization, and significantly more manageable waste streams. Given the importance of nuclear power in providing reliable, low-carbon baseload electricity, these advanced technologies will be essential in ensuring that nuclear remains an important part of the United States’ energy future.

At present, commercialization of these advanced nuclear technologies face a number of key policy, commercial, and technical barriers. Although a number of factors will influence the ultimate prospects of many of these advanced concepts, of particular note are the critical roles of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in developing familiarity with and expertise in these emerging technologies and instituting fee structures and a phased, predictable, and timely licensing review process for developers of such technologies.

Introductory remarks by:

  • The Hon. Robert E. Latta – U.S. Congressman (OH, 05)

Presentations by:

  • Andy Zach – Professional Staff Member, House Energy and Commerce Committee
  • Deborah Jackson – Deputy Director of the Division of Engineering, Infrastructure, and Advanced Reactors, Office of New Reactors, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
  • Madeline Barter Vey – Legislative Counsel, Office of Congressman Robert E. Latta
  • Irfan Ali – Member, Board of Directors, Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC); Senior Advisor, Energy Innovation Reform Project (EIRP)

For more information or inquiries, please contact Coffee and light breakfast items will be provided.


House Energy & Commerce Committee Room
Rayburn 2322
Washington DC 20515

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