December Green Business Roundtable

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Green Business Roundtable invites all interested in issues at the intersection of business and sustainability to join us for networking, discussion and insight.

This month’s topic  – What people are thinking about sustainability is not what they think they are thinking

This month’s discussion will focus on behavior and behavior change that improves sustainable outcomes.

A company’s sustainability efforts should influence their customers, their employees and other stakeholders… but how does that really happen? If you ask them, they will tell you … but the answers could not just be incomplete, they could be wrong.
Much of what drives decisions is not logical or conscious: cues, clues and bias drive our decisions without us knowing it. Researcher Zack Boileau and marketer Peter Mitchell of the behavior-change marketing agency SalterMitchell / Marketing for Change talk about their work uncovering these forces.  Also: They look at what this means for companies trying to use their sustainability agenda to enhance their standing with customers and engage employees.

Discussion will include both the “how” part (the methodologies) and examples of how these insights played into efforts to influence consumers around health and environmental actions.


Marketing for Change ™ is a behavior-change marketing firm committed to surprising and delighting a target audience, not simply to inform them, but to change what they do.



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