Co-designing Our Regenerative Future: Unconference on Agriculture & Beyond

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The DC region has all the ingredients needed to take a regenerative future from demonstration to scale. The powerful mix of technical know-how, policy expertise, entrepreneurial creativity, and political and financial levers are all here. This one-day, open-space conference is a chance set a path to make it so. But “We” need You.

On this day we come together to answer: “How can we best combine our knowledge, skills, and activities across sectors to kick start a Regenerative Future?”

A regenerative future requires contributions from many sectors, interests, and skills. One of this opportunities at this unconference is to strengthen this social network.

A wide variety of sectors will be represented, and below is only a partial list of the topics that will be covered. Anyone looking to contribute their ideas and energies to our collaboration is welcomed!

  • Environmentalism
  • Farming, fishing, forestry 
  • Investing, banking, philanthropy
  • Finance and funding, carbon markets, natural capital
  • Grocery stores and farmers markets
  • Restaurants
  • Policy making/analysis
  • Environmental justice/compassionate farming
  • Technology, innovation, data management
  • R&D
  • Communication and storytelling
  • Community organizing
  • Retail, manufacturing, supply, transport

Anyone from NGOs, non-profits, for-profits, local/regional/federal government, academia (students and faculty), or any other groups or companies is welcomed.


George Mason University - Arlington - Founders Hall
3351 Fairfax Drive
Arlington VA 22201

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