Climate Summer: The Floods – A Radio Program

Join the Climate Summer radio series for a better understanding of DC’s flood risk.

Livestream to get a better handle on Washington, DC’s ‘triple whammy’ flood risk stemming from heavy rains, downstream river flooding, and ocean surges up the Potomac River. 

Host Julie Hantman and her three guests will have a lively discussion of the flooding threats across the region, from the National Mall to the Eastern Shore. The links to climate change and what is being done (and can be done) are additional foci. With Astrid Caldas from Union of Concerned Scientists, Sandra Knight of the University of Maryland’s Center for Disaster Resilience, and Marco Ciarla with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Baltimore District. 

Once again, to catch the program live on August 13th please stream Meanwhile, visit for all program information and to listen to the recording at a later date. A prior episode on excessive heat already is archived there.