Clean Energy in Mexico

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A major public policy debate is underway in Mexico over the role of clean energy for the country’s power market. There are major ramifications for Mexico’s economy and its climate goals. The Lopez Obrador administration has been aggressively pushing to revise the regulatory and investment framework for renewables in Mexico for months, but has ramped up their efforts since late April. Recent delays of approved projects and the prioritizing of state power firm CFE and the use of hydrocarbons to generate electricity have set off heated debate and legal challenges, and led to great uncertainty in Mexico’s power sector.


This event is the kick-off of a webinar series on clean energy in Mexico, co-hosted with the Institute of the Americas.

The series will draw upon the expertise of the Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center and its decades of experience fostering high-level research and efforts to inform public policy with the experience and reach of the Institute of the Americas to shape and inform public policy surrounding energy and environment in Latin America and deep experience in Mexico.


Our jointly-published paper “The Economic and Strategic Arguments for Renewable Energy in Mexico,” authored by lawyer and policy expert John McNeece, will anchor our discussions. The paper and its rigorous analysis will set the stage for a high-level policy debate, through a series of webinar presentations, that will address the issues set forth by the administration and discuss the future of clean energy in Mexico.


John McNeece will kick-off the series with a presentation based upon his report.

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