Catalysts for Deployment of Advanced Nuclear: Innovative Technology Development Approaches

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As part of its nuclear energy roundtable series, the Global America Business Institute (GABI) is pleased to host Dr. Ron Faibish, Senior Director of Business Development, Nuclear Technologies and Materials at General Atomics (GA).

Advanced nuclear concepts currently in development have the potential for improved cost competitiveness, inherent safety, enhanced flexibility and deployability, more manageable waste streams, and increased proliferation resistance. Successful deployment of such technologies may dramatically alter the energy landscape of the future, and accelerating their development will be necessary so that they can meaningfully contribute to pressing global energy and environmental challenges. Various pathways may be pursued to catalyze the development, licensing, and eventual deployment of advanced nuclear: novel financing and investment arrangements, optimized regulatory frameworks, expedited material and fuel qualification, and developing viable demonstration projects. Considering the level of interest in advanced nuclear development throughout the world and the integral role that international markets may have in achieving NOAK cost reductions, bringing these technologies more quickly to market is increasingly paramount. This discussion will focus on innovative technology development approaches that have the potential to significantly accelerate the licensing and eventual deployment of advanced nuclear.

The roundtable is off-the-record. Lunch will be served. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Alan Ahn at alanahn[at]


1001 Connecticut Avenue 2nd Floor Conference Room
1001 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 230
Washington DC 20036

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