Carbon Capture – A Business Opportunity in the Global Low-Carbon Economy

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Innovation and low-carbon policies are driving the development of clean energy technologies around the world. However, only a small number of these policies are devoted to carbon capture, despite its outsized importance in reducing emissions.

The discussion will explore how one country, Norway, has fostered the development of its carbon capture infrastructure, as well as the emerging business case for carbon capture in the U.S. and globally.

Featured Speakers:
**Trude Sundset, Gassnova SF, CEO – Norway’s State Enterprise informing on the development of realizing a full-scale CCS infrastructure by 2022
**Thina Saltvedt, Nordea Bank Norge, Chief Analyst – The global business perspective on climate change: Can carbon capture play a role?
**Rich Powell, ClearPath Foundation, Executive Director – A market-oriented perspective on carbon capture policy and its importance in the clean energy economy
**Steinar Eikaas, Statoil, Vice President, New Energy Solutions – Statoil operates upstream operations in the U.S., and the world’s most successful CCS project in the North Sea
**Pål Mikkelsen, Fortum Oslo Varme, CCS Director – Capturing carbon from industrial waste is a growing business and environmental opportunity

**Jeffrey Bobeck, Global CCS Institute


National Press Club
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Washington DC 20045

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