Car Show of the Future

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The Car Show of the Future is an opportunity to highlight the benefits of electric vehicles and electrifying transportation for Fairfax County and Virginians.


Come test drive an electric car and hear from Elly Boehmer, Director of Environment Virginia; Dr. Neelu Tummalu; Paula Clements, Climate Reality Leader; and Daniel’s Run Peace Church Congregant, Johnny Wen. Local and state representatives and candidates will be in attendance to voice their support for electric vehicles.

Daniel’s Run Peace Church is a leader in promoting environmental stewardship through their sermons and their actions. They have two electric vehicle charging stations, a rooftop solar array, and a local garden.

For more information, contact: Andrea McGimsey, Senior Director, Global Warming Solutions, Environment America, 703-477-4722 (mobile),


Daniel's Run Peace Church
3729 Old Lee Highway
Fairfax VA 22030

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