Calculating Cost-Effectiveness for Energy Efficiency & Demand Response Impacts

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Are utility program cost-effectiveness testing practices developed decades ago adequate to guide our industry investments today? Are legacy measurement practices inhibiting both innovative program designs and commonsense best practices for putting ratepayer dollars to optimal use? Learn how E4TheFuture is partnering with DOE to offer guidance on how cost effectiveness testing can include the impacts of flexible load management, to include demand response and distributed energy resources.


Julie Michals will offer insights from “The National Standard Practice Manual (NSPM)” (see, published in 2017 with a focus on cost-effectiveness assessment of energy efficiency, and which is actively being expanded to address a range of DERs including Demand Response. She will also share experience with the state use of the NSPM to date, and early learnings from the draft NSPM for DERs, a project co-funded by US DOE and forthcoming in summer 2020.



**Julie Michals, E4TheFuture

**Michael Brown, Berkshire Hathaway NV Energy and PLMA Chair


Sponsored by the Peak Load Management Alliance

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