Building a Local Green New Deal in Montgomery County

The climate strikes of September 20th were big and beautiful.

Now is the time to build on the Strike momentum and energy in a concrete way.Consequently, 350 Montgomery County is holding a meeting focused on the discussion and design of a local, Montgomery County Green New Deal.

Organizing a local Green New Deal (“GND”) is 350MoCo’s newest campaign and we need lots of help from concerned citizens.

We know that local politicians are working on their own GND plans. But we need a GND plan that comes from the people of Montgomery County and that takes the big, bold steps that we need to fight the two great crises of our time – climate catastrophe and severe inequality.

Our October GND meeting is set up to welcome new folks into the 350MoCo community and help you find more ways to be a part of the movement. If you’ve never been to one of our monthly meetings, this is a great opportunity to jump in.


Executive Office Building (Conference Room)
101 Monroe Street
Rockville, MD

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