Assessing the Evidence: Family Planning as a Contributor to Environmental Sustainability

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There is a growing support within the environmental and reproductive health communities for the idea that expanding access to family planning services contributes to environmental sustainability, but how strong is the evidence? A team of researchers from around the world led by the Worldwatch Institute’s Robert Engelman has tackled this question to find out what we know for sure and where further research will be valuable.

Join us at the Wilson Center on June 29th as Engelman presents the findings of the Family Planning and Environmental Sustainability Assessment (FPESA). The FPESA team has found that there is an active search for a greater understanding of the link between family planning and the environment by a diverse field of researchers, women and men from developed and developing countries alike. There is not yet a “smoking gun” that definitively proves family planning is critical for environmental sustainability, but there is mounting evidence for the link. – See more at:


Woodrow Wilson Center
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 6th Floor
Washington DC 20004

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