An Integrated Cost Benefit Analysis of Green Finance – Scaling-Up Renewable Geothermal Energy in Indonesia

Join us for the first Global Human Development Program skills-building workshop of the year!

Indonesia has the world’s largest geothermal renewable energy resources, yet less than four percent has been developed to produce electricity in an environmentally friendly manner. Several years ago, the Government began a renewed effort to develop a sizable portion of these resources and off-set part of a major coal expansion that would cause significant local and global environmental damages. The World Bank was asked to help kick-start this program by supporting some of the initial investments that were advanced n early preparation and were ready to be implemented.

To evaluate this investment, the World Bank team carried out an integrated cost-benefit analysis, to inform its decisions. The approach includes bringing together financial-economic-stakeholder-risk analyses, so an integrated decision can be formulated based on the perspectives of multiple stakeholders.

The session will include an introduction to the basics of an integrated cost-benefit analysis prior to delving into the Indonesia case study on renewable energy development.

**Migara Jayawardena is a Lead Evaluation Office for Infrastructure at the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Department


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