Advancing Integrated Solutions to Air Pollution & Climate Change in Asia

Approximately 4 billion people, around 92 percent of the population in Asia and the Pacific, are exposed to levels of air pollution that pose a significant risk to their health. As many governments and researchers across the region work on solutions to air pollution, they are becoming more aware of the links between air quality and climate change, and the multiple benefits from simultaneously addressing these often-related problems. This integrated approach is consistent with a UNEP report published in January this year. The Air Pollution in Asia and the Pacific: Science-Based Solutions report identifies 25 clean air measures that would positively impact human health, crop yield, climate change, socioeconomic development, and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Implementing these measures could result in 1 billion people enjoying clean air at the World Health Organization strictest ambient standards by 2030, as well as reduce global warming by 2040-2050.

Speakers at this CEF meeting are co-authors of this report and will share their insights on how to move from casting blame for air pollution and climate change to capturing the benefits of integrated solutions in Asia. After Eric Zusman (IGES) introduces the opportunities and benefits of integrating air pollution and climate change policy in Asia, Hu Tao (Beijing Normal University) will highlight how China is moving forward efforts to co-control air pollution and greenhouse gases in the transport and other sectors. Yeora Chae (Korea Environment Institute) will talk about work she is doing to analyze the co-benefits of air quality and climate change policies in South Korea and Northeast Asia.

**Jennifer L. Turner, Director, China Environment Forum & Manager, Global Choke Point Initiative

**Eric Zusman, Senior Policy Researcher at the Institute for Global Environmental Studies, Hayama, Japan
**Hu Tao, Senior Adviser of World Wildlife Fund China, Adjunct Professor at Beijing Normal University, Chairman of the Professional Association for China’s Environment, Vice-President of the Union of Chinese Professional Organizations
**Yeora Chae, Senior Research Fellow at Korea Environment Institute in Korea


Woodrow Wilson Center
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