A Security Threat Profile of Global Climate Change

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live webcast will be streamed at 3:30 PM EST at www.eesi.org/livecast (wireless connection permitting)

The Center for Climate and Security and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute invite you to a briefing on projected climate change impacts on U.S. security and national interests in the coming decades. How will climate impacts affect geopolitics, infrastructure, and security environments in a world with a 2-degree Celsius rise in average global temperature? How about a 4-degree rise?

The briefing will showcase the Center for Climate and Security’s Security Threat Profile of Global Climate Change report, a product of the National Security, Military, and Intelligence Panel on Climate Change. The report is a comprehensive look at the wide-ranging security impacts of climate change across all six geographic U.S. Combatant Commands, under two scenarios of future warming (a 1-2°C rise in temperatures, and a 2-4°C rise). Authored by a diverse group of U.S. national security and intelligence experts, this report offers both regional and international threat assessments for climate change, and recommendations for the way forward in addressing the looming global challenge.


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Room 2168 (Gold Room), Rayburn House Office Building
45 Independence Ave SW
Washington DC 20515

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