A Renewable Energy Future for Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has historically relied on oil to meet the majority of its energy needs. The high costs of this fuel mix – both economic and environmental – have made it clear that the island should transition to cleaner and cheaper sources of energy. Meanwhile, the unacceptably long recovery time from Hurricanes Irma and Maria has made it equally clear that resilience in the face of natural disasters must be a central feature of Puerto Rico’s new power system.
Clean energy technologies like wind, solar PV, and battery storage can contribute solutions to these challenges, but effectively taking advantage of these technologies will require innovative regulatory structures that allow them to fit within the utility business model. This presentation will explore new regulatory structures and policies that can incentivize the deployment of this clean and resilient energy infrastructure across the island of Puerto Rico.

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Rome Auditorium, Johns Hopkins University
1619 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20036

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