2015 Sulfur Emissions Limits for Vessels Operating in U.S. Waters

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The Environmental Law Institute will host an expert panel for an in-depth discussion on the implications of new sulfur emissions limits enacted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The new rule is meant to limit air pollution in order to prevent smog and other air conditions that impact public health. Vessels that violate these new requirements will be exposed to a number of corporate and individual liabilities. ELI will attempt to decipher the complicated language that composes the law so boat owners and other businesses are better prepared.

Among the questions that will be addressed are:

  • How can the regulated community comply?
  • What are the civil and criminal enforcement mechanisms available to regulators?
  • How can attorneys help their clients minimize liability for violations?
  • How important are compliance programs to avoiding liability?
  • What happens when EPA sends a “request for information” or the Coast Guard boards the vessel looking for evidence of compliance?
  • What is the public’s role when it comes to finding and reporting violations?
  • What happens if fuel is unavailable and how does the “Fuel Oil Non Availability” or FONAR work?

Panelists include:

Barry Hartman, Partner, K&L Gates (moderator)
Capt. Patrick McGuire, US Coast Guard (invited)
Kathy Metcalf, Director of Maritime Affairs, Chamber of Shipping (invited)
John Kaltenstein, Clean Vessels Program Manager, Friends of the Earth (invited)




Environmental Law Institute
1730 M Street, NW, Suite 700
Washington DC 20036

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