Events - 29 Mar 19

Powering the Grid – Access, Affordability & Fuel Diversity

The U.S. electric grid that makes modern life possible is undergoing a rapid transformation. It powers, cools and heats our homes; supports operations at the nation’s industrial plants and office buildings; and allows schools, hospitals and military bases to function. Baseload coal and nuclear power plants – long the foundation of the nation’s electricity mix – are closing and being replaced by wind, solar and natural gas generation. The grid is shifting from a mix of always-on, fuel-secure sources of power, to greater reliance on intermittent sources of generation and an ever-growing network of pipelines. What are the policies driving this shift? How concerned should Americans be at how this transformation is being managed? Are we on the precipice of a self-imposed energy crisis? Our panel of experts will address these questions and dig into a policy debate at the very heart of America’s energy, environmental and economic future.

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Agriculture Resiliency in the Face of Climate Shocks

Agriculture continues to be the primary source of income for many communities around the world. However, the increase in climate-related severe weather events is having a significant impact on local farmers in affected areas who are experiencing economic losses due to decreased agricultural yields. These losses further strain public budgets, as governments depend on agriculture related revenue. Yet there is the potential to transfer this risk to the private market through insurance and reinsurance mechanisms. The Swiss Re Practicum team will present this research on the economic impacts of climate shocks in agriculture dependent communities, which will be followed by a panel discussion on how farmers, local, and federal governments are responding to these devastating impacts.

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