Events - 5 Mar 19

As of July 13, 2020, DC Green Scene will no longer be updated with new events. In light of COVID-19 and other circumstances, we will be discontinuing the event calendar and weekly newsletter.

Thank you all for your support over the years and we hope to see you on the Scene in the future!

What Military Investment in Energy Innovation for the Warfighter Means for the Rest of Us

Please join ITIF for the release of a comprehensive report on DOD’s energy innovation effort and an expert panel discussion on its relevance to the fight to reduce carbon emissions, including ways civilian agencies might better leverage DOD’s investments.

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A New Roadmap for Environmental Stability

Join POLITICO for a high-level conversation to discuss the environmental policies and practices that are gaining momentum, particularly around how to lessen the climate impact in farming and energy production while keeping these sectors economically viable.

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Fusing National & Subnational Climate Action to Enhance Global Ambition

A globally sufficient response to climate change will require new models of organization, coalition building, and implementation in which rapid decarbonization at the national level will be rooted in actions initiated by a diverse range of actors. The U.S. provides a window into how the diversification of climate action across actors can drive changes in emissions. We developed a new analytical approach to integrate sub-national commitments into a modeling framework to assess impacts across three politically plausible scenarios formulated in consultation with experts and stakeholders. These coalitions of actors in the U.S. are globally significant, equivalent to the world’s third largest economy and fourth largest GHG emitter.

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Briefing: Electrification: Options for Consumers and the Environment

Please join us to learn how environmental benefits, increased affordability, and economic progress are not mutually exclusive, and how a low-carbon economy of the future can be approached through electrification.

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Climate Reality DC Meeting

Join Climate Reality Washington DC to learn about our active campaigns and Climate Leadership in DC! We will be discussing next steps for “DC Doesn’t Suck” and outline the 2019 goals for Climate Reality DC.

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