Events - 12 Jul 18

Electric Vehicle Workshop and Showcase

Attend Greater Washington, DC & State of Maryland’s premier electric vehicle workshop & showcase event.

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Environmental Progress in the Oil & Gas Industry – What’s Next?

There is a growing movement among the investment community to dive deeper into sustainability issues that impact company performance and shareholder value-generally now referred to as Environmental Social Governance (ESG). This movement continues to gain traction in a time when the regulatory agenda has changed significantly under the Trump Administration. ESG is particularly significant for the energy sector, specifically as shareholder resolutions surrounding climate change continue to take center stage in the media and in the boardroom.

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Beheading Dragons – Streamlining China’s Environmental Governance

In March, China’s National People’s Congress passed sweeping reforms to streamline environmental governance in order to more rapidly mitigate China’s crushing air, water, and soil pollution.

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