Events - 31 May 18

Coal Mine Drainage as a Domestic Source of Rare Earth Elements

Current research, supported by USDOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory and industry, is developing extraction technology to set the groundwork for a domestic rare earth industry.

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Incentivizing Environmental Remediation through the Recovery of Rare Earth Elements

Learn more about a joint research project between West Virginia University and the National Energy Technology Laboratory at the U.S. Energy Association’s latest briefing with Dr. Paul Ziemkiewicz, Director of West Virginia University’s Water Research Institute.

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Solar Jobs and Community Impact

Join Zoe Ripecky (The Solar Foundation), Kerene Tayloe (Green For All), Emma Rodvien (Solar United Neighbors), and Madison Freeman (Young Professionals in Foreign Policy) for a discussion of solar jobs and their impact on communities around the U.S.

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