Events - 9 Nov 17

Heavy-Duty Innovation – Energy, Automation & Tech in the Trucking Sector

Securing America’s Future Energy invites you to join for the release for our trucking industry trend report, “Heavy-Duty Innovation: Energy, automation, and technology in the trucking sector.”

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What Lessons Can Be Learned from Power Africa?

The Obama Administration’s Power Africa Initiative was arguably one of the more intriguing innovations in development in recent years. Described as an initiative that brings “together technical and legal experts, the private sector, and governments from around the world to work in partnership to increase the number of people with access to power”, Power Africa has been an attempt to work more effectively between various government agencies.

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Book Launch – Energy Security in Asia & Eurasia

Some analysts see the rapidly increasing demand for energy and competition for energy resources leading to nationalist energy policies. Others argue that global trends with efficient energy markets and growing options on renewables suggest more relaxed energy outlooks. This book takes up the energy debates in Asian rising powers and considers a key question: Are energy policies evolving along market oriented cooperative lines or more competitive, even nationalist lines?

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Global Bioethanol – Evolution, Risks & Uncertainties

Book launch and guest lecture by Dr. Sergio Salles, with Dr. Nicholas Vonortas as discussant.

**Dr. Sergio Salles, UniCAMP
**Dr. Nicholas Vonortas, ESIA

Sponsored by the Brazil Initiative, Institute for International Science and Technology Policy

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