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International Energy Agency's Energy Technology Perspectives 2012

July 17 | 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM (add to my calendar)
Center for Strategic and International Studies - B1 Conference Center | get directions

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Energy Technology Perspectives 2012 (ETP 2012) looks at how technologies-- from electric vehicles to smart grids-- can make a decisive difference in achieving the objective of limiting the global temperature rise to 2°C and enhancing energy security. ETP 2012 presents scenarios and strategies to 2050, with the aim of guiding decision makers on energy trends and what needs to be done to build a clean, secure and competitive energy future.

ETP 2012 shows:

• Current progress on clean energy deployment, and what can be done to accelerate it.

• How energy security and low carbon energy are linked.

• How energy systems will become more complex in the future and why systems integration is beneficial and how it can be achieved.

• How flexible electricity systems are increasingly important, and how a system with smarter grids, energy storage and flexible generation can work.

• Why fossil fuels will not disappear but will see their roles change, and what it means for the energy system as a whole.

This session will be on the record. Registration required. Please send your confirmation by COB, Monday, July 16th to energy@csis.org


David Pumphrey

Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program

Energy and Climate Change, Markets and Trends, Alternative Energy, Security and Climate Change, Regional Analysis


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1800 "K" Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006