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Navigating Today’s Challenges to Reach Tomorrow’s Opportunities: Expanding the Market for Renewable Transportation

July 17 (add to my calendar)

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The State of the Market for Alternative Vehicles and Renewable Fuels
Panelists will discuss the state of the market for vehicles across the renewable technology spectrum, seeking to find common successes and identifying roadblocks to expanding the market share.

The Business Take: Challenges Faced and Opportunities for Collaboration
Panelists will provide insight into the challenges that companies face in servicing the market and providing scalable solutions which enable the new, renewable technologies and discuss how collaboration between companies of varying size and different industries will be both required and beneficial.

Financing the Future: Barriers to Lending in the Renewable Transportation Sector
Panelists will detail lender expectations for financing renewable transportation projects and explore common pitfalls and barriers to financing these deals.

The Sales Pitch: Selling Your Product to Consumers, the Media, and Sceptics 
Panelists will share understandings about how to manage public perception, consumer education, and media relations to successfully expand the market share for market-ready products.


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