Events - 18 May 17

Adaptation Community Meeting: Strengthening Adaptation Planning in Mozambican Coastal Cities

Mozambique’s coastline, which houses more than half of the country’s population of 26 million, is facing more frequent and severe storms and flooding, magnified by sea level rise and coastal erosion. The USAID-funded Mozambique Coastal City Adaptation Project (CCAP) is working with two vulnerable cities along Mozambique’s coastline to improve their municipal planning processes and adapt to climate change.
At this month’s Adaptation Community Meeting, CCAP’s Chief of Party, Maria Olanda Bata, will discuss the project’s work assisting the development of local adaptation plans (Planos Locais de Adaptação – PLAs) for two coastal municipalities in Mozambique. PLAs determine the municipalities’ priorities for addressing anticipated impacts and identify the action needed.
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Book Talk – “Hot, Hungry Planet”

Earth will have more than 9.6 billion people by 2050 according to U.N. predictions. With resources already scarce, how will we feed them all? Journalist Lisa Palmer has traveled the world for years documenting the cutting-edge innovations of people and organizations on the front lines of fighting the food gap. In this new work, she shares the story of the epic journey to tackle two of our planet’s greatest challenges: climate change and global hunger.

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Smarter Energy – Who Cares, Part 2

WGL Energy is sponsoring Part 2 of the Smarter Energy – Who Cares series covering building to grid scale energy intelligence. Continuing the hugely successful big idea talks in part 1 – plug to building level intelligence – our esteemed speakers will be delivering similar TED-like talks on the important of energy intelligence on a broad scale.

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