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Monday, December 12, 2016

Update from the Marrakech Climate Change Summit

The Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) invites you to a briefing discussing the outcomes of the recently concluded international climate change summit (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco. The summit drew representatives from more than 190 countries to discuss the implementation of the historic Paris Climate Agreement, making it a vital discussion that will impact everything from global commerce and foreign relations to electricity generation and agriculture.

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Countries ratified the Paris Agreement at a rate unprecedented for an international treaty of such magnitude, allowing it to enter into force on November 4. Over 110 nations accounting for nearly 80 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions have joined the growing coalition that has already ratified the agreement and are working to limit manmade climate change. The United States remains a key leader in advancing climate solutions on the international stage. During COP22, it announced a cross-cutting domestic plan for meeting its obligations under the Paris Agreement. The presentation will delve into core components of America’s long-term climate strategy, how the proceedings at COP22 may influence that strategy, and the important ongoing partnerships between the United States and other nations to pursue climate-related goals.

At the Department of State since 2001, Christo Artusio currently leads its Office of Global Change. He is an expert in international climate diplomacy and the United States’ role in climate treaty negotiations. The Office of Global Change focuses on addressing a variety of international climate change issues by pursuing collaborative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions both domestically and internationally. The Office operates under the guidance of the Special Envoy for Climate Change Jonathan Pershing.


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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

America’s Trust Factor In Energy Communications

Join WCEE and Loretta Prencipe, Vice President in the DC office of Makovsky Communications to discuss insights from the report,How Americans Make Energy Decisions – and what that means for energy communications in the changing energy and policy landscape.

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Electric Vehicles: Addressing Infrastructure Challenges

The rise in popularity of electric vehicles is creating a need for increased charging infrastructure. The development of this infrastructure brings significant challenges. Come hear our panel discuss the ways in which these challenges are being solved.

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Panel Discussion: The Environmental Stress on China’s River System

Rivers are living things, its change and fate has been closely linked with the history of human society. Through continuous investigation and recording, and through reports from media and “we-media”, we could pass down our concern on river landscape changes, river basin environment, fate of riverside people and the relationship between man and nature to generations. This is why Mrs. Yongchen Wang launched Green Earth Volunteers “Ten Years Rivers Visiting”

The stress that China’s river is facing might not be life-threatening to you at now, but it is, to some people like you. The coming challenges should be kept in everyone’s mind. IFCE is pleased to invite Mrs. Wang to tell us the environmental stress that China’s river system is facing, and the inspiration and stories with her during the “Ten Years Rivers Visiting”.


  • Yongchen Wang, Founder, “Green Home”

  • Ping He, the CEO of International Fund for China’s Environment.

  • Haipei Xue, President of National Council of Chinese Americans.

Yongchen Wang, the founder of “Green Earth Volunteers” organization in China, is also the Senior Environment Reporter for China National Radio. Wang led an unprecedented public campaign to save the Nu River, which flows from the Tibetan Plateau, and becomes the Salween in Burma and Thailand. It is one of China’s last free-flowing rivers.

Dr. Ping He, the founding president of International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE), has developed cooperative relationship with international environmental and conservation organizations and programs, US and Chinese governmental agencies, NGOs and the private sectors. He developed numerous projects in environmental NGO support, US-China technological exchanges, policy advising and public education in China.

Haipei Xue, the President of National Council of Chinese Americans (NCCA), used to be the Asian affairs consultant at Obama election campaign team.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Climate Compared: Climate Change Opinions in the United States and Canada

The Canada Institute is delighted to host a panel discussion to discuss the results from national-level surveys on public attitudes toward climate change in the United States and Canada.

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